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hydroponic organic
Organic vegetables. Farmers hands with freshly harvested vegetables. Fresh bio potatoes ** Note: Shallow depth of field
November 4, 2016
The National Organic Standards Board will decide whether hydroponic organic produce can continue to be labeled as such after a…
organic farms
July 25, 2016
There aren't enough organic farms to cater to the growing market for organic food in the U.S., leading to a…
Some farmers think organic certification isn't for them.
June 2, 2016
Organic certification isn't a cake walk, but it isn't impossible to obtain. So, why do some organic farmers opt out…
USDA Funding to Help Small Farmers with Organic Certification Costs
May 20, 2015
The USDA will help small farmers fund organic certification costs through two separate programs, giving farmers more opportunities and room…
Is certified naturally just as good or better than Certified Organic
April 1, 2015
Certified Naturally Grown is an alternative choice for farmers and consumers to Certified Organic.
May 21, 2012
New York State cheesemakers on organic cheesemaking, sustainable cheesemaking and all-natural cow's milk cheeses!
May 10, 2012
You might be surprised to hear what can be lurking under an organic label: Ingredients that are anything but organic!…
April 30, 2012
Whole Foods Market became the first certified organic national retail chain in 2003—and again when procedures changed in 2009—and now,…
February 19, 2012
An historic partnership connecting organic producers in the European Union and the United States will become effective June 1, 2012,…
December 17, 2011
Shamrock Farms is under fire from the USDA for questionable “split operation” livestock management practices that could get their organic…