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Vegan Avocado Recipe
May 11, 2018
Avocado's creamy texture will make you feel indulgent with these vegan avocado recipes. Avocado's healthy fats and fiber will keep…
gluten-free vegetarian sweet potato gnocchi
May 30, 2016
These gluten-free vegetarian recipes include pasta, pizza, gnocchi and more -- they're positively perfect for your Meatless Monday table.
6 Unique Dip Recipes That Will Totally Make You Flip
January 28, 2016
Hone your Super Bowl appetizer game with these 6 delicious and unique dip recipes.
sunchoke puree and sunchoke chips
February 16, 2015
Take advantage of winter's seasonal produce with our root vegetable recipes. This Meatless Monday roundup will show you the diversity…
Image adapted from Flickr, jeffreyw, CC BY 2.0
January 29, 2015
Hey healthy sports fans! Here are 5 classic Game Day snacks that you can do vegan. Let the feasting begin…
November 17, 2014
This Meatless Monday, serve up some seasonal sweet potato recipes. This selection offers unique ways to revisit this sweet tuber.
Image adapted from Flickr, Migle Seikyte, CC BY-SA 2.0
November 11, 2014
Baking a fall casserole can be both light and comforting! Here are 5 healthy casserole recipes that won’t break your…
July 1, 2014
With gorgeous, sunny and hot days finally here, go ahead and enjoy all of these delicious frozen dessert recipes that…
Image adapted from indigotimbre, Flickr, (CC BY-SA 2.0)
June 17, 2014
Here’s how to make your own based on one very simple formula, and to top it off, 5 bean spread…
sprouting sweet potato
January 29, 2014
This young organic activist shows us through a 3nd grade science project why we should avoid foods with pesticides.