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Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Root Vegetable Recipes

sunchoke puree and sunchoke chips

Depending on where you are, you might be tiring of winter and constant snow, but look on the bright side! At least there's still time to take full advantage of winter's root vegetables before spring has sprung. And we're highlighting a variety of veggies in our favorite winter root vegetable recipes for Meatless Monday.

Root vegetables were overlooked for a long time -- we're thankful they've come back into style. This week, we're highlighting Jerusalem artichokes, now more commonly known as sunchokes, sweet potatoes, kohlrabi and beets for recipes that highlight the diversity that different root veggies can add to your Meatless Monday meals.

Sunchokes are often served puréed as they achieve a super creamy texture quite easily. But there's no need to limit yourself -- sunchoke chips are just as tasty, and the pairing works quite well together! A cream of sunchoke soup topped with a pile of crispy fried sunchokes is a heavenly, gourmet Meatless Monday option. Just be sure to choose a light veggie stock in place of chicken stock. And if you'd like something a bit more adventurous, this version of the sunchoke soup, blended with coconut milk and topped with purple potato chips, is a surefire crowd pleaser.


Photo Credit: GlowKitchen

This raw, vegan ravioli is an interesting and innovative spin on the Italian classic using seasonal ingredients that are full of flavor and color! In a season when so many foods are pale or beige in color, beets are great for perking up a plate, and in this raw dish, they add crunch and freshness too. The beets form the pasta portion of this entirely gluten-free ravioli, while a cashew paste flavored with garlic, herbs and nutritional yeast stand in for a more traditional cheese filling. Just put the cashews in a bowl to soak the night before, and come Monday, all you'll have to do is slice your beets, whip up your filling and assemble.

sweet potato salad

Image: Bobbi Bowers

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Just because it's winter doesn't mean meal salads can't find their way onto your table! This sweet potato salad is a great Meatless Monday option -- as with salads with grilled protein as a topping, this sweet potato salad plays with temperatures as well as with flavors, meaning that you don't have to give up on a hot meal just because you're having salad for dinner. And this one is absolutely full of flavors -- sweet potatoes, tangy blue cheese and protein-rich black beans make up this ensemble cast. Pair it with your favorite winter greens, and dinner is served.

kohlrabi recipe

Photos by Ally-Jane 

Kohlrabi is one of those veggies that can scare an unfamiliar shopper -- after all, they kind of look like little alien heads! But chopped and fried, their natural sweetness is highlighted. Just a touch of garlic and parsley is all you need to make this fried kohlrabi shine. And let the kohlrabi take center stage without abandoning a good source of protein by serving this fried kohlrabi alongside a few poached or fried eggs.

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