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Kleer Drain™ is recommended by Organic Authority’s Green Diva, Laura Klein, for being eco-friendly, highly efficient and cost-effective. It removes even the toughest clogs!


Get the Kleer Drain™ Green Advantage Today!
Organic Authority is pleased to offer a special price: just $24.95 for this state-of-the-art,
eco-friendly device.

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Only $24.95

Apply a Powerful Burst of Air – Not Chemicals – to Un-Clog Your Drains!

Showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, exterior decks or yard drains – no clog is safe with eco-friendly Kleer Drain™!

Kleer Drain™ Instant Drain Opener is a must-have device that will last a lifetime. With its super efficient and eco-friendly air-burst technology, this instant drain-opening tool will help you:

  • Eliminate toxic and expensive chemical clog removers once and for all
  • Reduce costly calls to the plumber
  • Count on a speedy solution for clearing clogs whenever you need it

Use Kleer Drain™ for regular drain maintenance, as well as for emergency clogs as they arise!

Kleer Drain™ Green Advantage

Unlike other drain cleaning products, Kleer Drain™ is super safe for people and the environment. Highly recommended by Organic Authority’s own Green Diva, Laura Klein.

Kleer Drain™ offers:

  • No harsh or harmful chemicals
  • Food-grade carbon dioxide (CO2) used as a propellant
  • Safe for people, planet – and your pipes!

How It Works

Kleer Drain™ Instant Drain Opener clears the toughest clogs and obstructions with state of the art ease. Whether it's showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, exterior decks or yard drains, Kleer Drain™ keeps your drains clean and clear.

  1. Simply load your Kleer Drain™ device with an eco-friendly, food grade CO2 cartridge
  2. Press firmly down on the handle: this activates a needle that punctures the CO2 cartridge, sending a powerful burst of air through the chamber and into the drain
  3. Your drain is instantly unclogged
  4. Handy “Power Disks” are available for more severe clogs located further down the drain pipe

Warning: Chemical-Laden Conventional Cleaners!

‘Conventional’ drain and toilet clog removers contain toxic dangers:

Damaging Liquid Drain Cleaners: With the ability to burn skin and eyes upon contact, most commercial drain cleaners contain sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite (bleach). With a single drop, it can damage eyes. Many experts recommend against using these corrosive drain cleaners because of the human health risks they pose.

Toxic Toilet Bowl Clog Removers: A mix of hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive irritant to skin and eyes with the potential to damage kidneys and liver; and hypochlorite bleach, another corrosive irritant that can burn eyes, skin and respiratory tract, are typically found in toilet bowl cleaners. If ingested toilet bowl cleaners may cause pulmonary edema, vomiting or coma. Further, should it contact other chemicals, the resulting chlorine fumes could be fatal.

Don’t let your next dinner party or guest visit be ruined by an embarrassing clog!

Laura Klein’s Experience with Kleer Drain:

How many times has this happened to you: you have a guest staying with you and the toilet clogs; or your dinner party is disrupted by an overflowing kitchen sink (its happened to me on multiple occasions!).

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From the Organic Authority Files

The first is embarrassing, the second is a pain. And the whole thing is messy, costly and takes a toll on the earth; clog removers are some of the most toxic home products in the marketplace. And remember, everything you put down your drain ends up in our water ways, streams, oceans and earth.

Prior to getting involved in green living – and before I started using Kleer Drain - a surprise clog would spark the following chain of events:

  1. Try to plunge, which quite often failed (not to mention made a huge mess with yucky toilet back splash!)
  2. Run to the store to buy a liquid drain cleaner
  3. Pour the entire contents of the chemical-filled ‘drain cleaner’ down the drain and watch as only a small part of the clog was cleared.
  4. Spend more time, money and gas by returning to the store to buy more bottles of drain cleaner (adding up to around $35.00!).
  5. If still not fixed, call a plumber (more time, money, say $50, literally down the drain)
  6. Be frustrated that one clogged drain could cause so much turmoil!

Kleer Drain Saves the Day

Since I discovered Kleer Drain, I keep it at home to avert those dreaded embarrassing emergencies. Let’s face it when a house guest clogs the toilet, it’s embarrassing for them and me! Now I simply hand them the Kleer Drain device and they can fix it (no more running to the store multiple times, wasting time, gas and money). It honestly is a huge relief.

That’s why I love Kleer Drain, which I consider an amazing, green super plunger.

I’ve long considered Kleer Drain to be my green ‘secret weapon’ against annoying clogs.

Kleer Drain has everything I love in a product:

  • Eco-friendly – No harsh chemicals in your home or flushed into the water stream
  • Efficient – Using food grade CO2 and high pressure, it works like a dream
  • Cost-effective – Goodbye countless bottles of liquid chemical drain cleaners, hello one-stop shopping.

Use Kleer Drain for maintenance in your home to keep pipes clean – and use it for those embarrassing emergencies (but this trick is you must buy it ahead of time, like today).

No breathing in nasty chemicals, no toxic flood flushed into the environment’s water stream. And no running back and forth to the store, to buy more bottles of chemicals to clear a clogged drain.

This product has literally saved me time, money and gas, and improved the health of my home by eliminating some of the most toxic chemicals in the home! Just a neat, efficient device I highly recommend!

Don’t wait for the next emergency and let a nasty clog ruin your day (or days!). Order Kleer Drain so you have it when you really need it (like I do)!




"My toilet got clogged somehow where it wouldn't completely flush. It wasn't clogged where no water would go down but it wouldn't do the classic toilet flush. I tried the plunger and nothing changed. I threw buckets of water into it and nothing changed. I decided it's time for the pipe snake until I found this thing. The first time I tried, it didn't unclog it. Then I got skeptical. But I don't think I did it right. The second time I really made sure to follow the instructions completely - I tried to make the seal really tight and then smacked it down really quick! This time I heard a deep gurgling sound and some of the water in the toilet got sucked down. I flushed the toilet and bam! It flushed!!! This thing is worth every penny. It's cleaner than a plunger and a pipe snake and quicker to use too. This is a great thing to have in your clogged pipe arsenal!!"

"We were having trouble with a stopped-up toilet for 3 days on the second floor of our new home. We tried a regular plunger, multiple flushings followed by emptying water via a small bucket and then a failed attempt using a wire hanger. Finally went online and came across Kleer Drain. My wife and I immediately purchased Kleer Drain. On reciving it and reading the easy directions with its 1-2-3 setup...we used it right away and WHOLA! more stubborn clog. I will no longer worry about the possibility of having stopped-up drains. This will save you possible plumbing costs and time spent trying other methods."

"I bought this after looking at the reviews at
My toilet was clogged and needed to get fixed. I followed the instructions and put it together with ease, Made sure that it was sealed against the opening and pushed down on the handle. All the standing water was gone and the clog with it. This is a great product and worked the first time i tried it. I would highly recommend it."

"We wasted soooo much money on chemicals & snakes! Our neighbor is a plumber & charged us $80 something to snake out our clog in the past. We couldn't bare to throw away another $80, we decided to try this 1 last thing before knocking on the neighbors door, and OH MY......My husband pressed the air down & you hear this huge SWOOSH sound & then nothing but water draining, draining quickly too. We were actually laughing because it happened so fast & worked so well. Thinking about fighting with the snake & waiting for the chemicals to NOT WORK, ANYWAY...waste no more money & buy this & then TELL YOUR FRIENDS WITH CLOGS:):):)"

"Okay you've seen all the positive feedback so mine is redundant except I might offer up the following:
1-This thing is cheap and you should just have it on hand for the price as you can't "predict" a clog
2-If you're like me you try the cheapest thing first and end up spending more than this thing cost, plus your time, which is valuable
3-If you use a toilet auger, there is almost no way you WON'T scratch the porcelain, this thing doesn't scratch and it worked the first time.
4-It's way more fun to use than a plunger :)"

Only $24.95

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