10 Purely Magical Mind-Boosting Superfood Supplements, Potions, and Elixirs

10 Mind-Boosting Superfood Supplements

For all we do to detox, rejuvenate, and challenge our bodies, it’s a shame that we often completely skimp on actively promoting our emotional well-being; that is, getting a good night’s sleep, achieving a relaxed state of mind, and maintaining a functional, focused brain. And if you live a high-stress lifestyle  (who doesn’t?), then it’s even harder to achieve that zen. Luckily, many companies have caught on to this dilemma and have curated products specifically catered to your mind, like these superfood supplements, potions, and elixirs keep your mind fit, fast, and functional.

10 Mind-Boosting Superfood Supplements


1. Fountain: The Happy Molecule

This stress-busting liquid elixir has a pH of 3.0-4.0 and is vegan, nut-free, and cruelty-free. A two-teaspoon (10 milliliter) serving once or twice per day is enough to feel its happiness effects. Each serving of the pineapple-flavored supplement is infused with 200 milligrams of solubilized GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that promotes sedative actions in brain tissue and is critical for relaxation. Add the Happy Molecule elixir to your juice and smoothies, or just enjoy it straight from a spoon.

Species by the Thousand

2. Species by the Thousands: Psychic Dream Spray

A good night’s sleep can really improve your mood and overall mental health. This spray is literally what dreams are made of – it not only soothes the sense with lavender but also enhances dreaming with the addition of the mugwort herb. The spray is made with ten percent all natural essential oils, water, and grain alcohol. Spray it on your pillow for best results!

Moon Juice

3. Moon Juice: Brain Dust

Moon Juice’s Brain Dust powder is a mixture of organic astragalus, shilajit, maca, lion’s mane, rhodiola, ginkgo, and organic stevia to give you a super state of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness, and capacity to handle stress. Mix brain dust into tea, water, or your juices and smoothies.

Sun Potion

4. Sun Potion: Mucuna Pruriens

This dietary supplement comes in powder form and contains 15 percent L-DOPA (organically grown in India), a precursor to dopamine, which plays a role in controlling locomotion, cognition, and neuroendocrine secretion. Enjoyed in a smoothie, juice, tea, or water, mucuna pruriens may enhance brain function, elevate mood and refine the senses, soothe the nervous system, and support overall well-being.


5. Shinrin-Yoku: Forest Bathing Salt Crystals

Invigorate your mind with this mineral salt soak, which uses certified vegan earth elements and essential oils to create a relaxing bathing experience. Ingredients include Dead Sea salt, crystal rock salt, French green clay, black lava salt, cedar leaf, and an essential oil blend of eucalyptus, French lavender, rosemary, ginger, and lime.

Anima Mundi

6. Anima Mundi: Blue Lotus

Wild harvested blue lotus flower is the base of this tea, which works to relax your body and heighten your awareness. Egyptians have been using blue lotus flowers for this reason since ancient times. With each sip of this tea, cool down the nervous system.

Navitas Focus Superfood for the Mind

7. Navitas Organics: Focus Boost

Navitas’s Focus Boost is a powder supplement curated
to support your brain’s functional needs. Matcha, yerba mate, mushrooms, and ashwagandha join forces to promote mental endurance and focus without the undesirable effects of stimulants.

Miss Violet Face

8. Miss Violet Lace: Crystal Tranquility Mist – Travel Size

This travel-size mist is just what you need to stay sane during your travels. Its ingredient list includes aloe vera, organic rose extract, and the essential oils of bergamot, Bulgarian lavender, grapefruit, patchouli, ylang ylang, vetiver, rose geranium, and cedar. It also contains quartz, a healing crystal that helps bring clarity and calmness to the body and mind.


9. Encha: Organic Matcha from Farm to Cup

Besides the energy boost from caffeine, matcha contains up to five-times more L-theanine than regular green tea. L-theanine has been shown to have a significant effect on the general state of mental alertness and arousal. Encha is a popular and respected ceremonial organic matcha tea provider.

Bonafide Provisions

10. Bonafide: Organic Bone Broth

The bone broth trend is alive and thriving, and that may be good news for your brain. Bone broth contains glycine, a muscle-building, brain-boosting amino acid. Bonafide is a trusted broth brand that is made from grass-fed bones, locally-sourced organic onions, organic fresh garlic, Celtic sea salt, and organic apple cider vinegar. One hour before the broth is ready, Bonafide’s chefs add fresh organic parsley to the mixture to pull out any remaining minerals from the bones. The broth is then filtered, cooled, packaged, and frozen n BPA and EA-free bags.

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Aylin Erman
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