Upcoming Senate Bill Threatens Local and Organic Farms

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Local and organic food-growers need your help!

Bill S. 510 is an overhaul of the food safety system that will hurt small-scale organic producers. The bill would require a $500 registration fee for all farms, regardless of size, and would require complicated monitoring of crops. If this bill passed, it would seriously burden small local and organic farms, which is probably why big food businesses like The American Frozen Food Institute, General Mills, and Kraft Foods support S. 510.

Food safety is an important issue, and Congress should definitely do something about it. But why put extra burdens on small growers when the major recent health scandals — E. Coli, melamine, and salmonella, just to name a few — were linked to industrial farming practices? This is surely an issue on which all citizens can agree — whether they be small-government conservatives or liberal, eco-friendly foodies.

Defenders of Wildlife, Farm Aid, and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, among others, have announced their opposition to S. 510. Please join them and help stop it. This bill is scheduled to come before the US Senate for a vote in the next few weeks, so please, visit Credo Action to learn more and contact your Senator and tell them that you support organic and local farms.

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  • haylie  April 15, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    Interesting topic. Food safety is really a very important issue, so steps should be taken for it. But this should not hurt the small-scale organic producers.

  • GreenThumb  August 7, 2010 at 8:21 am

    Most of us buy organic and other wholesome locally grown food because it is better for us then the gene altered food grown by Big AG Businesses.

    Everyone should know to wash their veggies they buy at a farmers market.I personally trust them over Big AG.We are not children who need the Fed. Police to tell us what food to buy and eat if it is purchased outside a super market.

    Monsanto already owns the patent to gene altered soybeans and are activly suing farmers who have refused to use their soybeans,Monsanto has won every case so far and are visciously bankrupting small farmers.All other seed are next now that they have won round one.

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