What Will Organic and Natural Foodies Buy in 2010?

DOLLARWith the crumby economy, you’ve got to wonder what people are buying.

It’s easy to cut corners nowadays, even for health conscious or organic and natural food consumers.

So, what will people buy in 2010? As the recession continues to hang over our heads.

Mambo Sprouts Marketing, a natural and organic product marketing firm, asked 1,000 organic shoppers what they plan to buy next year.

Despite the higher cost, 68% of respondents will choose organic fruits and vegetables, with 53% aiming to eat organic foods.

And 59% of people will buy more organics next year, but to make it more affordable, 53% will shop during sales, and 51% plan to use coupons.

Organic purchasing priorities included milk, meat, and poultry with 54%, children’s food with 53%, and cheese and eggs with 50%.

Also, 52% of respondents will turn to farmer’s markets and 43% local food-cops to help save money.

It’s a pretty tedious report, but encouraging to see people who pride themselves on conscientious shopping will stick to their guns.

Via Mambo Sprouts Marketing.

Image credit: mag3737

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