15 Eye-Popping Instagrammers for the Best Drool-Worthy (Healthy) Unicorn and Rainbow Recipes

IG Accounts for Healthy Recipes
image via @anettvelsberg/Instagram

If Instagram goes down in history for one thing, and one thing only, it should be its capacity to expand food porn collections around the world. In fact, that’s primarily all the app is good for in my world!

These 15 Instagrammers are some of the best for eye-popping healthy unicorn and rainbow food recipes that fuel my hungry, plant-based soul that eats with its eyes first. Just skimming through their feeds give me the sensation of having eaten a deliciously wholesome meal, and I promise they will do the same for you.

15 Best Instagram Accounts for Rainbow/Unicorn Recipes

image via @alison_wu/Instagram

1. Alison_wu

Ethereal and floral, Alison’s IG feed showcases what I would imagine the diet of a unicorn to be. Pink, blue, yellow, and purple hues grace each recipe’s photograph – while skimming through, it’s hard to imagine any other color exists.

image via @rainbowplantlife/Instagram

2. Rainbowplantlife

Nisha was a Harvard lawyer who left law to backpack around the world. Her IG account showcases her enviable vegan lifestyle, which is colorful, textured, and nothing short of decadent.

image via @leefromamerica/Instagram

3. Leefromamerica

Desperate for a whiplash of color? This IG handle has got you covered. Lee is a sucker for frothy potions, rainbow salads, and colorful smoothie bowls.

image via @evakosmasflores/Instagram

4. Evakosmasflores

A self-proclaimed photographer, Eva lives up to the standards of her profession by capturing breath-taking images of food, landscapes, and the delicate details of daily life. While she doesn’t post as regularly about food, when she does, the colors, tones, and textures are cosmic, electric, and full of magic.

image via @bettinas_kitchen/Instagram

5. Bettinas_kitchen

A healthy lifestyle has healed Bettina from polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. Her dedication to plant-based living is palpable through her IG.

image via @nadiadamaso_ebnl/Instagram

6. Nadiadamaso_ebnl

It’s not just Nadia’s pictures that feel kissed by a rainbow – her shots of scenery, city-scapes, and even selfies are brimming with color.

image via @ellencharlottemarie/Instagram

7. Ellencharlottemarie

Ellen’s IG is so popular for its recipes that she even has an accompanying App. Her food images are excellently curated and are light, airy, and whimsical.

image via @rawvana/Instagram

8. Rawvana

With nearly one million followers, Yovana curates one of the most popular healthy food IG accounts out there. She already hosts a popular Spanish-language YouTube lifestyle channel. Her pictures are as loud, fun, and bright as her personality.

image via @amylecreations/Instagram

9. Amylecreations

Amy Le’s IG account is bursting with creative vegan dish ideas. Each of her recipes presents something unique, so you never get bored with what she has to offer.

IG Accounts for Healthy Recipes

10. Anettvelsberg

Glossy, glowing, and gorgeous, Anett’s IG photos are anything but run of the mill. Most of her recipes are healthy vegan dessert alternatives that emphasize the role of fruits.

image via @shisodelicious/Instagram

11. Shisodelicious

London-based Sara has an infinity to bento boxes and pays particular attention to detail. Each of her plant-based recipes is an exploration of nuance.

image via @raw_manda/Instagram

12. Raw_manda

Amanda puts a heavy emphasis on raw fruits and vegetables, so her images are inevitably bursting with color.

image via @leahitsines/Instagram

13. Leahitsines

Her sister is Biking Body Guide (BBG) founder Kayla Itsines, but Leah excels in healthy food over fitness. Her IG recipes are not entirely vegan, but they are fruit and vegetable-heavy.

image via @thehungrywarrior/Instagram

14. Thehungrywarrior

Perhaps the curator of the most rainbow-inspired IG account in this list, Shabnam is based in Munich and has definitively conquered beautiful plant-based eating.

image via @thefitfoodieblog/Instagram

15. Thefitfoodieblog

There’s only one thing to say to each picture on this IG account, and that is “Yes, please!” Each recipe screams indulgence but is created by a nutritional med student. So, “Seconds, please!”

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