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9 Delicious Mexican Recipes to Make Cinco de Mayo a Real Fiesta of Flavors
May 2, 2018
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with one (or all nine!) of our favorite Mexican recipes; this list includes both traditional and…
6 New Plant-Based Cookbooks to Get You Back in the Kitchen
March 22, 2018
Need a break from takeout? These 6 new plant-based cookbooks will inspire you to get back in the kitchen and…
IG Accounts for Healthy Recipes
image via @anettvelsberg/Instagram
May 1, 2017
Instagram is the best place to get inspired to live healthy, and these 15 IG accounts for healthy recipes are…
vegan cheese
October 31, 2016
This Meatless Monday, sample some of our favorite comfort food dishes featuring vegan cheese: creamy, ooey gooey, and delicious.
vegan protein
October 24, 2016
Meatless Monday can be an uphill battle without a good vegan protein source. These four recipes are deliciously vegan and…
quinoa salad with oranges
September 26, 2016
Choose a hearty quinoa salad this Meatless Monday. Our recipes marry taste, color, and innovation, with unique combos and tons…
spicy vegetarian recipes - spiced eggplant
September 5, 2016
Spice up your Meatless Monday with these spicy vegetarian recipes. Be it Korean hot pepper, Sriracha, or Indian masala, these…
cooking with garlic
August 29, 2016
Cooking with garlic can add untold depth to your favorite dishes. Give some of these garlicky recipes a try for…
cashew cheese for delicious vegan meals
May 15, 2016
This Meatless Monday, we've compiled our favorite vegan versions of comfort food dishes. These recipes will convince anyone of how…
4 Bright, Fresh Vegan Salad Recipes for Meatless Monday
Spring Peas
April 18, 2016
Sick of eating salads Monday after Meatless Monday? These vegan salad recipes will make you change your tune, with tons…