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5 Flavor Boosts for Homemade French Fries

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You’ve mastered the techniques for making your own fast food at home, and now your homemade French fries just need a bit of a flavor boost. Rather than douse them in tons of salt (which, granted, will do the trick) why not kick them up with something more creative? Here are five ways to give your fries more flavor, from spices to dips to sauces.


The easiest way to sass up your fries is to load them with spices. Chances are you’ve already got everything you need right in your kitchen cabinet. Try chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder for a Mexican flare. Or go for Italian seasonings, grated parmesan cheese, and black pepper for a bistro effect. How about cinnamon and raw sugar for a newfound churros-type fry?

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Roasted Garlic

Garlic adds instant savory depth and spice to any plate of fries. If you’re making fries yourself in the oven, simply add minced garlic to the baking sheet and they’ll cook in the oven along with your potatoes. If you just want a garlic topping to throw onto cooked fries, try making a roasted garlic puree: Roast a head of garlic until soft, squeeze out the puree, and spoon it over your fries. Finish it off with a smatter of fresh parsley and you’re all set.


Pretzels and spicy mustard are a classic snack combo. Fries and mustard are just as good together. The sharp spiciness of the mustard seeds cuts against the starchy saltiness of the fries. Try mustard mixed with homemade mayonnaise for an aioli-like dip that will become purely addicting.


If you can’t picture salsa on your fries, just think of chips and salsa—crunchy, salty starch topped with a cooling, refreshing relish. It’s a winning combination. Any old regular salsa will be good spooned over fries, but a salsa with black beans, fresh herbs, and lots of spice will give your fries particularly good flavor.


If it works with salsa, why not with guacamole? If you’re usually a fan of chunky guacamole, now is the time to try it pureed smooth so you can enjoy as a dip. If you’re making your own guacamole from scratch, you can make it just a tad thinner with extra lime or lemon juice, which will add extra dippability for your fries.

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