5 Food Apps that Make Eating Fresh and Healthy a Snap

An edible garden

While technology can be really distracting, sometimes it can be our gateway to finding amazing stuff, such as local produce. We’ve rounded up five easily accessible food apps that will allow you to find, save, and buy fresh, local produce in a snap.

These five food apps can connect you with fresh produce, leftovers and more yummy goodness!

1. Ripe Near Me

Alistair Martin and Helena Martin founded Ripe Near Me in Adelaide, Australia. Both founders are foodies who absolutely adore fresh, local produce. They love local greens so much so that they created an app that helps people who are equally passionate about local food find or distribute those wholesome goods! While this food app aims to help foodies find healthy goods, and encourages sustainable living, it also allows the user to share what she grows.

2. PareUp

PareUp is all about making certain that food doesn’t get thrown away. The goal of this food app is to develop a mobile marketplace for surplus or unsold food. Retailers can post their expiring food for a discount and users can keep those tasty goods out of the trash. Before this app can take over the world, they’ve got to conquer NYC first. If you are a local to that area, see what they are up to and help stop food waste!

3. Locavore

Locavore is a super-simple food app that can help users find local, in-season food quickly. The app allows users to locate farmers markets and farms that sell what the user wants to buy.

4. Farmstand

Farmstand is another one of those awesome food apps that’s all about making finding local food a breeze. The app allows the user to buy direct from farmers markets or a farmer, contribute to a community garden, subscribe to a CSA, order online, or eat at a restaurant that serves local food. The app also allows users to see photos or videos of the farm the users are buying from, as well as directions, hours, information, and more.

5. Mother Earth News’ Apps

Mother Earth News has been a reliable source for organic everything for years. The publication now provides various food apps and homesteading apps that help people grow greens and live naturally. Some pretty interesting apps that are available now: When to Plant (an app that gives you the best planting times for more than 120 vegetables, herbs, fruit, cover crops, and common companion planting flowers), Grow Planner Gardening App, and the Pickin’ Chiken Breed Selector.

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Image: Ross McKay