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9 Easy Recipes for Your Summer BBQ

I dream about fun, warm, summer nights. My hubby and I have a few friends over, open a bottle (or two) of our favorite summer wine (did I hear someone say rose or Chardonnay?), fire up our ceramic komodo barbecue, and eat around our oversized picnic table we built together. My mouth is starting to water as I write this.


Summer is a great excuse to serve up delicious fresh farmers market finds and anything from your vegetable garden. Some of our summer favorites are grilling stone fruit like peaches or nectarines, artichokes from our garden, and sweet torpedo onions paired with a fan favorite Blue Cheese Cabernet Organic Burgers. This is what summer is about, delicious food, great company and warm summer nights. I'm counting the days until our summer heirloom tomatoes come in so I can make another favorite, Organic Heirloom Tomato and Red Ruffle Basil Salad or my Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes.

To inspire you to get in the kitchen and indulge in summer's finest foods, I've highlighted some fan favorites. To make your next barbecue fun and easy, choose two dishes (or three if you are ambitious) you'll cook, and assign one or two more dishes to friends and make it a pot luck.

Pull together your grocery list, pick a day to shop your local farmers market and grab a bottle of your favorite summer spirit and you're good to go. Don't worry if you're not a cook, just pick one dish to make and simply delegate the rest to your peeps!

Fun Summer Easy Recipes

1. Grilled Artichokes with Olive Oil and Lemon and Fresh Herbs


2. Easy Organic Coleslaw With Cranberries - Episode 66


3. Organic Heirloom Carrot Salad Recipe - Episode 59


4. Blue Cheese Cabernet Organic Burgers

Look for grass-fed beef or bison from birth to market, it is the healthiest and delicious.

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From the Organic Authority Files

5. Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms

If you have any vegetarians substitute these delicious shiitakes for the burgers.


6. Grilled Sweet Corn Served with Choice of Compound Butters


7. Organic Bistro Garlic Fries - Episode 62


8. Skewered Grilled Organic Veggies


9. Watermelon Bomb

This is a real crowd pleaser! You don't have to make the ice cream and sorbet from scratch, you can buy it at the store (look for the organic and healthy versions without all the added hormones, antibiotics and pesticides).


    Eco-Chic Decor

    To add a little eco-chic decor, use real dishes, silverware, glasses, cloth napkins, table cloths or place mats. You'll save money on disposables and save the local land fill from more stinky trash!

    If you have fresh flowers growing, snip a tight bouquet, trim off any dead leaves, petals and cut the stems to the same height under running water. Place them in your favorite vase and you have a gorgeous center piece! If you have a few tea lights sitting around, place those on your table and you have set yourself a gorgeous, summer table.

    Remember the trick to throwing a dinner party is keeping it simple and delegating! So don't be afraid to ask for help.

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