Annie’s Homegrown Encourages ‘Everybunny’ to Buy Organic

annie's homegrown

Annie’s Homegrown, the best-selling organic mac and cheese brand, has launched a new brand campaign to encourage those still buying conventional to switch to organic versions of favorite products.

The integrated digital campaign, called “Organic for Everybunny,” launched August 19 on Facebook. The videos feature live bunnies in supermarkets as Annie’s products are being shelved, with the message, “Annie’s doesn’t just make organic food; we make the food you love organic.”

This new campaign was launched on the heels of a survey that showed that only 25 percent of people believe that organic versions of their favorite foods are available at their supermarkets. Many Annie’s Homegrown products are already widely available, and the company has plans to launch 30 new certified organic products including cereal, yogurt, and soup this year and to increase distribution for both new and existing products.

The survey also showed that only 23 percent of people in the U.S. believe that they can afford to buy organic food; the brand campaign seeks to quash this myth as well.

“Annie’s has been passionate about organic for decades and believes it’s better for families, farmers and the planet we all share,” John Foraker, President at Annie’s Homegrown, said in a news release. “But, we don’t think organic should be reserved for certain social or economic demographics. That’s why we are putting a stake in the ground and making organic more accessible for more people in the U.S.”

The survey also showed that only 31 percent of people think that buying organic has a positive impact on the environment, and only 34 percent of people believe that organic foods taste as good as conventional. Studies have show that organic is often not only more delicious than conventional — as a recent study on organic wine showed — but also that organic is more nutritious than conventional.

The Annie’s brand campaign will run online through the fall.

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