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Big Livestock Producer Might Lose Its Organic Certification

Word to the wise, if you want to be called “organic” and gain a good reputation for doing so, don't deny USDA inspectors access to your records.


That's why the U.S. Department of Agriculture has filed a formal complaint against Promiseland Livestock.

This action could cause Promiseland to lose its organic certification for four years, not mention vilifying them in the minds of consumers.

Saying they're organic, but allegedly not following the rules, gave Promiseland an unfair advantage. They were able to keep their prices down, allowing them to out muscle smaller producers.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Promiseland has been accused of many violations of the USDA organic standards, namely giving cattle non-organic and reselling conventional grain as organic.

And last month, a judge ruled that Promiseland had violated USDA rules by refusing to provide inspectors with records for its facilities in Nebraska and Missouri.

I think organic fraud has replaced identity theft as the new hot crime.

Via the Associated Press.

Image credit: Squidoo

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