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Carnival of the Green # 57

Here it is, The 57th Carnival of the Green. OrganicAuthority is proud to be host once again to this fabulous green collaboration. What the heck is it? Check out Treehugger for details.

You can find last and next week’s Carnivals at our friends at:

December 4th - Urban Eco

December 18th - Cocolico

Who said innovative companies are the most environmentally sound? Apple has been ranked stone motherless last by Greenpeace. The activist group reckons that Apple uses toxic chemicals, does a bad job on recycling and fails to provide much information about its environmental policies. Leon Gettler presents Rotten Apple: Greenpeace posted on Sox First.

Ben Nickell posted High profile experts debate climate change Ben Nickell comments on the recent climate change debate held at the Royal Geographical Society and including experts Professor David Bellamy OBE, Greg Barker MP (Shadow Environment Minister), Peter Mather (UK CEO of BP), Professor Mark Maslin and BBC Newsnight’s ‘ethical man’ Justin Rowlatt.

Since so many environmental issues are global, part of the problem in addressing them is the lack of a planet-wide perspective among many people. Here Graham Caswell presents a relatively simple and cost-effective proposal to greatly increase awareness of the earth as a small and shared oasis of life amidst the empty and inhospitable vastness of space. Graham Caswell presents A Proposal for Our Planet posted at Graham Caswell .com.

Mike McDerment presents Understanding Office Paper Usage posted at FreshBooks Blog.

Vihar Sheth presents Super Sponge! posted at green|rising.

Victoria E presents Green-colored magazine covers are "death on the newsstand".

A somewhat controversial post about effective communication with mainstream America and giant corporations.

Tim Abbott presents Politics and the Planet Heating Up posted at Walking the Berkshires.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Making Mozzarella by Miranda Edel

Melissa Mansfield of writes "Sustainable Shindigs": Whether you're celebrating solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just the fact that you survived holiday shopping at the mall - you can still party in a green way. Follow our simple steps for throwing a green get-together, from the planning process to the invites, from decorations to food, from transportation to clean-up.

Harlan Weikle presents Rwanda to Darfur, an unbroken discordOn April 6, 1994, the killing began... Rwanda, was it just a precursor to the human and environmental disaster, which continues to plague Africa more than a decade later.

Sally Kneidel writes Check out Veggie Revolution this week. Harlan Weikle of Greener Magazine has posted an article (Dec 5) about Asian rice harvests threatened by pollution, and a Nov 26 article and NPR link honoring three women who are environmental activists.

Crafty Green Poet (Juliet Wilson) presents Crafty Green Christmas 1 - Wrapping Gifts The first in a series of three or four Crafty Green Christmas posts. This one focuses on wrapping gifts in reused wrapping paper.

Don Bosch over at The Evangelical Ecologist has a lengthy post on the impending Supreme Court decision on whether EPA has to regulate greenhouse gasses from cars and other mobile sources. Tons of links, including a transcription of EPA's submission to the Supreme Court docket.

When people get a new computer, often their old computer ends up going to the landfill. That’s a shame because there are a lot of options out there which will keep the computer out of the landfill and bring it new life. Jeffrey Strain presents 15 Places To Give Old Computers New Life posted at Personal Finance Advice

And finally discover how much water goes into all sorts of everyday beverages through growing and processint in, "How Much Water Do You Drink" at

Well that's it for the 57th Carnival of Green!

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