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CBS Targets Kids' Health with New Fall Lineup

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As kids head back to school, and hopefully healthier school lunches, they'll also get a motivational boost from CBS. The network has announced it's launching a series of teen-targeted programs in the 2013 fall season, which include a focus on kids health.

According to a press release from CBS, "Branded 'The CBS Dream Team, It's Epic!' the three-hour FCC educational/informational compliant programming block will consist of six all-new high-definition half-hours with a pro-social message targeted to viewers 13-to-16-years-old and appealing to viewers of all ages."

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From the Organic Authority Files

Two of the shows will be cooking based, with one featuring none other than kids health advocate, celebrity chef and Emmy-award winner, Jamie Oliver. "Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals" will feature recipes prepared in real time, easy enough for kids to make for themselves after school or on the weekends. The show promises to "inspire cooks of all ages and levels to try new things and get in the kitchen to create something magical." Oliver's "Food Revolution" was cancelled by ABC in 2011.

The other food-focused show, "Recipe Rehab" (worst food show name ever?) is a cooking competition where chefs will go spoon-to-spoon in recreating traditionally high-calorie recipes with lower-calorie versions that focus on "healthy, wholesome ingredients and shows healthy food choices can have positive effects on quality of life." The recipe ideas are submitted by families who then choose the winner based on how the recipe turns out.

Other shows in the new CBS lineup will include a focus on kids health in the psychological and mental health realm with two animal care shows (one on animal care and the other on the benefits of pet adoption), a show on personal interest stories and a show about athletes who work to make positive contributions to their communities.

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