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Chobani Launching Organic Yogurt, Offers 'Transition Strategies' to Move Farmers Away from GMOs


Chobani, the nation’s bestselling brand of Greek yogurt, says it’s taking steps to improve cattle feed to include non-GMO and organic grain options by launching three certified organic Greek yogurt flavors early next year.

Partnering with Green America, an organization focused on environmentally responsible economic opportunities, Chobani says it will aid in “transition strategies” for its farmer suppliers to “explore what 21st century sustainable dairy operations can entail,” according to a statement from Green America.

“We’ve been dedicated to open and honest conversations to evolve the country’s milk supply, from increasing the number of cows not treated with rBST and improving animal welfare to exploring how to increase non-GMO feed options,” said Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer of Chobani in a statement. “While this remains an upstream agricultural issue, we are proud to partner with Green America to help make meaningful changes across the dairy industry.”

Nicole McCann, Green America’s Food Campaigns Director added: “We have always believed that collaborating with leaders in the food industry is the best way forward on sustainability issues. We’re proud to partner with Chobani to explore concrete steps and propose viable alternatives to evolve cattle feed in the United States.”

Chobani came under attack last year from the organization GMO Inside, which urged the yogurt maker to switch to organic milk for use in its yogurts. Chobani has been labeling its products as “all natural” despite containing milk from cows fed GMOs.

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Late last year, shortly after the GMO Inside campaign had begun, Whole Foods Market announced that it was pulling Chobani’s products from its stores. The retailer said that it needed the space to stock more local and organic options.

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