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Clorox Discloses Full List of Toxic Ingredients


The Clorox Co. has become the first mainstream company to disclose all ingredients in all of their products - including dyes, preservatives and a master list of fragrance ingredients.

According to the Clorox Web site, the new disclosure initiative will reveal the "specific identity of preservatives and dyes in all U.S. and Canadian cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products. This information expands upon the listing of active ingredients, which has been provided to consumers over the last two years."

Clorox will also list the full palette of fragrances in numerical and alphabetical order in all of its products. The company has also made available a PDF document that includes all fragrance ingredients' Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number, which is assigned by the CAS to every available chemical listed in scientific literature.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The move comes after Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE), a national organization that works to eliminate toxic chemicals that impact women’s health, released a report on toxic chemicals and fragrances in 2010 called, "What's That Smell?" WVE contacted Clorox with a suggested timeline for listing all ingredients, including those found in fragrance, directly on the product label to better provide consumers with safe products and the ability to make intelligent purchasing decisions.

Clorox's full content disclosure is the first step in WVE's timeline, and all ingredients are listed. That said, the master list of fragrances does not associate ingredients with their specific products, making consumers with sensitivities or aversions still at a disadvantage when discerning which Clorox products contain which fragrances.

Clorox has been a household brand name for nearly a century, most well known for its bleach products. Clorox also owns several other popular brands including Brita water filters, Fresh Step cat litter, Pine Sol, Glad bags and Hidden Valley Ranch. Clorox also owns GreenWorks and Burt's Bees, two popular natural cleaning and personal care brands.

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