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Coppola Opens Rustic Restaurant in NorCal


Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola (The GodfatherApocalypse Now) opened a new restaurant in northern California on Tuesday. Rustic is set in Geyserville, CA near his winery.

Inside Scoop SF got a chance to speak with Mr. Coppola, the discussion ranged from the relation between film and cuisine to his relationship with Martin Scorcese's parents.

Here's Coppola on the motivation behind Rustic: "Simply a style of food preparation and presentation that I personally love: a more rustic style — French country cooking or Italian country cooking, homemade, where the emphasis is more on the quality of the ingredients and doing as little as possible, rather than a more ‘nouveau’ style, in which the food is in tiny, decoratively arranged portions. I am interested in authentic dishes — the kind you drive an hour out of the city to find little restaurants that make specialties that are only made there."

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From the Organic Authority Files

The menu is inspired, the scenery is breathtaking. But if Geyserville is too far out of the way for you (75 miles north of San Francisco) you can satisfy your rustic cravings with this recipe for chicken under a brick, this recipe for steel-cut oatmeal, or this grilled cheese sandwich recipe. Yum!

Image Credit: Permanently Scatterbrained

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