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Dear Organic Authority Community,

With COVID-19, we are living in unprecedented times.


I wanted to update you on steps we are taking to help support you. I feel it is important that we start to think and act like a Global Community and not just individuals.

I’m sure many of you have read the startling statistics behind the spread of the disease across countries like China and Italy, which has the world’s second largest number of COVID-19 infections after China. America is not far behind. If you are still uncertain about the severity of the threat, or have not studied the statistics or facts about the disease and how quickly it can spread, here is a great place to start: Italy Has Been Trying to Send us a Warning. Will We Listen?

Dr. Marco Vergano of San Giovanni Bosco hospital in Turin says in the HuffPost article that it’s “evident” to him that “acting like a community, rather than personally feeling violated in individual freedom will be more difficult for Americans than for Europeans.””

Dr. Vergano goes on to say, “Americans, should stop believing that COVID-19 is a ‘bad flu’” and “stop circulating low quality information and ‘fake news.’”

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From the Organic Authority Files

In my humble opinion, it is of utmost importance that we take matters into our own hands and take immediate, decisive action. It is essential that we stay out of public places. If you are not concerned about the wellbeing of yourself, think about that of others. If you get infected with the virus, you risk getting many more people sick.

I have quarantined my family, including my 82-year-old mother. We are not going out unless it’s absolutely essential. We have stocked our kitchen with enough food for about three to four weeks. We are also working and working out from home.

In the coming days, we will round up and push out content to help you adjust to your new lives at home, which may already be very stressful for many of you. For example, these pieces of content might be very relevant to your adjusted life,  how find peace in the midst of chaos, to make your own oat or cashew milk with cinnamon and maple syrup, how to workout at home, recipes, breathe work meditation, how to boost your immunity naturally, immune boosting juices and more. 

We will also update you on any special offers that come in from brand partners that are relevant to the current situation. 

For example, Ora Organic is offering 15% off all immune boosting supplements. You may have seen the online opportunists taking advantage of the current climate, peddling hand sanitizers for $90 a bottle and hiking prices of other products to profit off of this emergency. Ora Organic is doing the exact opposite. 

They are currently offering a 15% discount on all immune-supporting products on their website. To see all of their immune-boosting products, go here

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