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Demand for Organic Cotton Products Continues to Climb

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You may have ready my earlier blog post, Cotton: The World's Dirtiest Crop. And you may already know that conventional cotton farming takes an enormous toll on the air, water, soil and people who live in cotton growing areas. Which is why demand for organic cotton clothing in the retail sector is on a steady rise. Organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low impact on the earth. Organic cotton growing methods maintain and replenish soil fertility unlike many conventional growing methods that use synthetic chemicals to grow crops and control pests.


As consumers become savvier about how their products are made, demand for healthier products for their families is on a steady rise and manufacturers are listening. Apparel companies large and small are developing programs that either use 100 percent organically grown cotton, or blend small percentages of organic cotton with conventional cotton in their products. In fact European retailer H&M came under fire last month for selling organic cotton clothing tainted with genetically modified (GM) cotton from India. According to the Textile News and Industry Analysis the organic cotton industry is poised to become a $1 billion industry.

USA homegrown company Zkano, is one company that uses 100% organic cotton to make their high quality socks. On their website they state, " We make all our socks from the highest quality 100% certified organic ring-spun cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals or toxins. We do this so they are more comfortable, more durable and better all around – for the environment, our growers, our knitters, and for you."

"Our socks are sweatshop-free, and finished without the use of harmful heavy metal dyes."

Company founder Gina is committed to not only sustainability but carrying on her family legacy of manufacturing high quality socks. Gina sent a pair for me to try and they are very comfortable, and I mean really comfortable. They are probably the best pair of socks I've had on my feet in years. When I play tennis and cook in the kitchen, Zkano socks will be what's on my feet.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Organic cotton baby clothes are also a huge growth sector for manufacturers. Major retailers like Target, Wal Mart, Baby Gap and more are now carrying lines of organic baby clothes, organic bedding and toys.

Smaller online shops are also carrying high quality lines of organic cotton baby clothing like

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