Dr. Bronner’s Soap Fighting Malaria with Fair Trade Palm Oil

Not losing any steam for social and agriculture issues in the wake of the failure of California’s Proposition 37, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, the family-owned, leading natural brand of soap in North America, has launched a new campaign called “Help Dr. Bronner’s Fight Malaria in Eastern Ghana.”

Seeking to raise $25,000 through an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign, the funds will help to bring mosquito nets to thousands of families in the Asuom region to prevent malaria outbreaks. The region is important to Dr. Bronner’s because the company sources its Fair Trade and organic palm oil from Asuom, Ghana. Dr. Bronner’s pays a premium for Fair Trade not just to provide fair wages for workers, but also to support community development projects such as providing deep water wells, school supplies and living quarters for nurses at hospitals.

The campaign includes a video entitled, “Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade Palm Oil: Animated,” which can be viewed at the IndieGogo site. “We created this video to educate consumers about our efforts to create a fair and sustainable supply chain for all major ingredients used in our products,” said David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps in a statement. “We are launching the video in connection with a crowdfunding campaign to provide an opportunity for our customers and the public to contribute to the positive life-changing work that fair trade initiatives are fueling in producer communities. Ultimately we want to raise more awareness and build a movement of conscious consumers dedicated to making all trade fair.”

A $10 donation purchases one mosquito net for a family in need, according to Lisa Bronner who runs the “Going Green with a Bronner Mom” blog on the company Website. “All contributors to the Indiegogo.com crowdfunding campaign who donate $10 or more will receive a special bar of soap with a commemorative label that we created as a thank you perk for donations to this effort.” Other perks include “t-shirts, DVDs, a fair trade gift basket, a tour of the Dr. Bronner’s soap plant, dinner with our family, and even a trip to Ghana to visit the palm oil mill are being offered for various donation amounts. We plan to match each dollar raised to generate a minimum total of at least $50,000 towards this initiative.”

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