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Earth Day Roundup: Partygoers, Here Are YOUR Favorite Farms & Farmers!

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Hello, dear OA readers! We hope you are enjoying our Earth Day party as much as we are. Since this IS a celebration of sustainable farmers and chefs, we asked you to tell us your favorites. We were blown away by how in touch you all are with your local heroes. We've dedicated this post to you and your go-to chefs and farmers, so that all our readers can explore and discover new sustainable eats close to them. Thank you so much for helping us put this together! This first installment is all about the farmers and farms you submitted. The reader names are in bold, followed by their submission.

(Grant Family Farms / Facebook)



Robin AbrahamPure Éire Dairy in Othello, Washington, and Pat~n~Tams Beef  in Standfield, Oregon

Erin 'Jones' Edds:Gunthorp Farms Jamie Staton in Lagrange, Indiana

Brittney Theus-Velasco:Organic Valley in La Farge, Wisconsin

Sylwia Malolepsza: Riverford farm in UK, organic local and seasonal fruits and veggies

Brianne SnowGrant Farms Csa in Wellington, Colorado

Fauzia Mirza: Andrew Sanica in Mississauga, Ontario

Trisha SpinelliSteven Farrell of Finca Luna Nueva Lodge -- he has an organic/biodynamic ginger and turmeric farm in Costa Rica 

Heather Dawn KahabkaPlant it Nursery in Nevada

Julie Newman Reimund:Graceful Grazers in Adams County, Ohio

Carol Ocoin: Pat's Pastured in East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Amber Lynn Mott: Trinity Farms in Enfield, Connecticut! Best Milk

Rachel Soumokil: Orme Ranch in Northern Arizona for wonderful grassfed beef

Jude Ranson: Pyramid John Vandeusen of "Food is Free" in Austin, Texas

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From the Organic Authority Files

Kathy Harrelson:Sugarfoot Organic Farms in Conway, SC

Margaret Gibson Barbera:Justin Deri in North Yarmouth, Maine

Bryan D. Dore:Goranson Farm in Dresden, Maine

Chris O'Byrne:Willoway Farm in Fredonia, Wisconsin

Valerie Blay:Creekside Natural Farm in Minooka, Illinois

Lisa Baker Kilmer:Gray Horse-Farm in Clinton Corners, New York

Julie Kidwell: Traders Point Creamery, Zionsville, Indiana

Jennifer Halm: Timberlane Organic Farm in Ohio

Monica Camacho:Quarry Farmers Market in San Antonio, Texas

Karen Vizer:Farm Fresh Express in Connecticut

Karen Vande:Gold Forest Grains in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Mark Kapalski: I don't know their website (or even if they have one), but here in Houston it's Gundermann farms out in nearby Wharton. They have been a staple in organic farming here for years. The other is Last Organic outpost (google them) run by Joe and Marcella Icet. They are an urban farm.

Stacy Hutchison Bigby: In the Seattle/Tacoma area our favorite is Terry's Berries

Lauren Kelly, Certified Nutritionist: ?A Toute Heure in NJ! 

Lauren Wood: On the seacoast of New Hampshire there are many to choose from but here are a few of my favorites. and for veggies, for meat, for wine And this is the BEST pick your own farm ever!

Wally's Farm: Wally's farm in Hawaii Kai Hawaii!!!

Organic Authority would like to thank all of you and all of the sustainable, organic farmers and chefs whose work is providing healthy food for us all to eat. We honor you as being conscious stewards of our planet. And, we are thrilled to have you participating in our Earth Day event!

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