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Image care of MightyVine
October 31, 2017
MightyVine is changing our definition of local food by producing sustainably-grown tomatoes in Chicagoland 365 days a year.
Image via Anne Preble/Unsplash
Image via Anne Preble/Unsplash
September 27, 2017
New research from Denmark and a recently published Washington Post article examine the way that we shop for organic food.
Farmer Josh is Bringing Ultra Local Food to NYC (and Asking Hard Questions About Our Food System)
July 11, 2017
Farmer Josh Lee's Green Top Farms endeavor allows New Yorkers to chomp down on local food – and ask questions…
Learn how to shop for local food at the farmers' market.
August 17, 2016
Learn how to judge whether the produce at the farmers market is really local food or is produce that's just…
rooftop garden
May 12, 2016
A popular hotel chain says it's going to reduce food waste in all of its 3,900 locations as well as…
Farm-to-Fairy-Tale? Farm-to-Table Restaurant Claims Debunked in 2-Month-Long Investigation
April 19, 2016
Pay more attention to those farm-to-table claims at your favorite restaurant. One recent investigation found they may be more like…
Sam's Club's produce section is going organic.
March 22, 2016
Sam’s Club, the place to go when you need a gallon-sized jar of pickles, is asking regional vendors and organic…
Why Milwaukee Kind Of Rocks (Spoiler: It's The Local Food)
March 21, 2016
Jaded east-coasters don’t typically have a ton of knowledge on the Wisconsin city of Milwaukee. In fact, very few of us…
Why One National Food Brand Has Local Produce on the Brain
December 8, 2015
New York-based BrightFarms has found a way to grow local produce on a commercial scale using greenhouses and millions of…
Elon Musk May Take Us to Mars, But His Brother is Saving the Earth
November 20, 2015
You may be more familiar with his brother Elon Musk, but you need to meet Kimbal Musk, the man bringing…