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Enter to Win: The KitchenAid Maximum Extraction Juicer, More Juice and Less Prep [$499.99 Value]

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Enter to Win: The KitchenAid Maximum Extraction Juicer, More Juice and Less Prep [$500 Value]

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and it’s almost time to max and relax by the pool. Even if you don’t worship the sun, this warmer spring weather is a time to show your svelte side. You’re also likely craving something a little lighter -- like some tasty homemade, cold pressed juice. Luckily, it just so happens to be giveaway season here at Organic Authority. Enter to win the KitchenAid Maximum Extraction Juicer. It’s the Lamborghini of juicers and we’re offering readers an opportunity to get their hands on it for free.

In all seriousness, this souped up juicer has it all: Its patented, two-stage blade and auger wide chute system can take whatever you throw at it, juice-wise. It can juice a whole kiwi or half an apple. Basically, you don’t have to chop much at all before you juice. Plus it extracts more juice from your produce. That means this spring and summer you can spend more time hitting the beach, planting your garden, or doing downward dogs in your sunrise yoga class and less time prepping your morning juice.

Plus, The KitchenAid Maximum Extraction Juicer includes three pulp screens depending on how much pulp you want to include in your juice, smoothie, sauce, or soup. It slices and processes fruits and vegetables and then juices -- two stages all in one juicer. Juicing just got a whole lot easier!


Think cold soups for summer or that special sauce you love atop the day’s fresh catch. Either way, this juicer will make your meals a whole lot fresher and maybe you’ll even shed those last few winter pounds.

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From the Organic Authority Files

KitchenAid is known for high quality kitchen tools from standup mixers to food processors, and now this super durable juicer. It’s a tool that creates endless healthy possibilities in the kitchen. What better way to put your produce to work. So grab your reusable bags, load up on the freshest organic produce at the farmers market, and enter to win this seriously fantastic, uber durable KitchenAid juicer.

Enter to Win

It takes about ten seconds to enter to win this fantastic kitchen tool. All you have to do is sign up for the Organic Authority newsletter. Click the link, join up, and you’re all set to win. If you’re already a subscriber--then lucky you!--you’re already entered to win. Not to mention that you’ll be caught up on all the latest and greatest from Organic Authority, from food industry news, to the latest foodie and health info, plus tips for your garden, home, and tasty kitchen recipes. And you might even get your hands on your very own brand spanking new mega juicer for free. I can’t think of a better way to welcome the season of frozen cocktails, flip flops, grill-outs, and of course, cold pressed juices, than by entering to win today.

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