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'Farm to Farm' Dining? That's Outstanding in the Field


The 2011 schedule has been announced for the premiere "farm-to-farm" dining event: Outstanding in the Field. With nearly one hundred events this year aimed at connecting diners directly with the land and the origins of their food, the meals are largely geared towards honoring the work of local farmers, vintners and artisans involved in every aspect of producing outstanding food.

Beginning in May and running through early December, guests at Outstanding in the Field events are treated to delicious meals prepared by celebrated regional chefs using food grown or raised on the farms they're visiting, a tasty array of local wines, guided farm tours—perhaps through old olive tree orchards or lush grape vines at wineries—and of course, many endearing stories from the field.

Since the events formally began in1999, dining often takes place at farms, gardens, even on mountaintops, in sea caves, on islands, ranches, inside refurbished barns, greenhouses or museums. But wherever the event happens, guests can be sure it will be one of the most memorable meals of their lives.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Outstanding in the Field originated in Santa Cruz, California in 1998 when chef and artist, Jim Denevan, invited his local community of farmers, growers and pickers to share in a meal featuring dishes using ingredients directly from their respective farms. As stories unfolded about which items were grown where and by whom, the idea was sparked to take the meals—and the diners—to the farms directly for the truest, most organic experience of the meal.

Fast-forward some 13 years and more than 9,000 diners have enjoyed the Outstanding in the Field experience. Tickets run at least $200 per person and reservations are required through Outstanding in the Field's Website.

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