Fast Food Joints Getting More Energy Efficient

No. Ronald McDonald isn’t making biodiesel in his cellar, but some fast food restaurants are seeking ways to go greener.

One fast food proprietor, with restaurants in Texas and Louisiana, gets texts messages every time a freezer door is left open.

The dude owns 34 places, so it must get annoying, but it’s worth it. Lighting and temperature control account for 25% to 40% of electricity spending.

And many pizza parlors are getting special sensors too. Usually, pizza ovens are left constantly hot. Who knows when you’ll get that massive rush of hungry construction workers? So they burn up a lot of gas.

That’s why some systems keep a single pizza oven running hot at all times but regulates other ovens to stay warm until the restaurant starts to fill up. One pizza guy claims its saving him 50% on gas bills.

Sounds great, but the only green my old school Italian pizza parlor owning uncles know, are the peppers on a pizza with the works.

Via Green Idea.