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Lovely Links


The wealth of handy, enlightening information from our fellow webbie friends just keeps rolling in and filling our brains with goodness. From playful undies with a philanthropic twist to tips on how to save water in your home, here are just some of the links we're loving this week.

1. Simple Steps looks at five opportunities to cut your global warming emissions by trimming water use, because wasting water isn't just a water conservation issue -- you're also pouring heat down the drain!

2. Summer Tomato shares how mindfulness impacts our experience of food and how we can harness this power to help us eat less without feeling deprived. We can all become more mindful eaters, and change our relationship with food forever!

From the Organic Authority Files

3. Take a video tour with Serious Eats through an egg processing plant and see what's really going down outside the chicken coop.

4. Ode Magazine lets us in on the irony of exercise. And it's oh so true!

5. Tree Hugger gives us the scoop on some very generous unmentionables.

image: PACT

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