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From Our Friends: August 26, 2011

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It's Friday! Whether you worked on a big project all week or ran around tirelessly to get ready for the new school year, we know you are in dire need of a break. And since you're the type that doesn't like to waste any time, spend that break eating a healthy snack and checking out some of our favorite useful and entertaining articles from around the web. Find out how to decode product labels, shop for ginger, create a healthy and appealing lunch for the little ones, and more! Enjoy this week's From Our Friends, and have a great weekend.

1. Pasture-raised? Certified humane? rBGH-free? Mighty Nest goes into detail to help you decode meat and dairy product labels.

2. Jen Sinkler, the fitness editor of Experience Life, wrangles leading experts to address your most perplexing workout quandaries and conundrums.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Get ready to love ginger even more -- Abe's Market has a guide to ginger's benefits and where to go to get it!

4. EcoMom has a great new post where Petit Appetit author Lisa Barnes shares 10 tips to quickly creating a healthy lunch that your child will eat!

5. Mommyish wonders why, in 2011, there are still 29 states where gay teachers can be fired just for being gay. We are too!

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