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From Our Friends: December 16, 2011


It's easy to forget about your normal healthy tendencies this time of year. Every cafe has irresistible "seasonal" beverages loaded with calories, every office party has tons of cake and treats you weren't planing on ingesting, and so on. But don't worry! With a little help from our friends around the web, we've provided you with plenty of info on how to stay healthy these last couple weeks of work before you get into your annual holiday food coma. Enjoy!

1. Christmas is in 9 days, but chances are you are still in work mode. Don't let the rush take it's toll on your health! Check out a great post from MightyNest on the 3 quickest ways to a healthier commute!

2. Speaking of commuting, you might find that in all that rush you either have no time to get to the gym or are too tired at the end of the day. Don't fret! Blisstree shows you how to actually do pilates WHILE you walk!

From the Organic Authority Files

3. You may think that you opted for something healthier for your lunch break. Yogurt, a smoothie, maybe an energy bar. Truth is, you might as well have just eaten cookies and ice cream all day. Stay informed with EcoSalon's post on 10 health foods with more sugar than a Coke.

4. Crank out your first pull-up. Do a handstand pushup. Jump higher than you thought possible. Here are three kick-butt exercise programs from Experience Life that will help you pull off a fitness victory before the year ends.

5. Forget the stigma: Regifting keeps perfectly good items out of the waste stream, and with a little thought, the practice can be just as meaningful as giving something new. Read more at Rodale!

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