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young woman eating cotton candy with sugar that can trigger food intolerances.
January 31, 2023
Food intolerance giving you an achy stomach or swollen joints may not be doing your skin any good either. See…
January 5, 2021
Are you quitting refined sugar once and for all? Here are some expert tips for handling the withdrawal symptoms.
FDA to Review Honey and Maple Syrup Sugar Label Warning
June 21, 2018
FDA says it will look at whether or not honey and maple syrup should be classified under its current sugar…
KIND Dumps 50,000 Pounds of Sugar in Times Square
image via KIND/Instagram
August 24, 2017
KIND Healthy Snacks took to the streets this week to highlight America's sugar problem, particularly when it comes to kids'…
Is Diet Soda Worse for Your Health Than the Sugary Stuff?
May 5, 2017
The studies keep stacking up against both sugary and diet sodas. Should you be drinking either?
soda tax
November 18, 2016
Cook County's new soda tax brings Chicago into the group of American cities imposing this penny-per-ounce tariff on sugary beverages.
Widespread Sugar Industry Conspiracy Caused U.S. Obesity Epidemic, Startling New Research Finds
September 13, 2016
Think sugar is too good to be true? It is. New data reveals the sugar industry paid to shift blame…
Eating Red Meat Makes You as Fat as if You Were Guzzling Sugar
August 17, 2016
Think eating red meat instead of donuts is better for your waistline? New research says red meat works just like…
Does Eating Fruit Make You Fat? New Study Says Maybe
May 14, 2015
Eating fruit is good for us. It's a healthy habit we should all add to our diets. But could too…
Should 'Added Sugars' Come to Food Labels?
April 28, 2015
The FDA wants to create an 'added sugars' line to nutrition fact boxes. But will it help change America's sugar…