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From Our Friends: Father's Day Edition

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Father's Day is here! It's crazy to think that June crept up on us this fast, but 2011 is just about halfway over. In case you were taken off guard, we have dedicated this week's From Our Friends to dad. Check out three great gift guides from our friends at Treehugger, Mommyish and The Daily Green, find out where the best dads in nature are, and check out an amazing story about how a daughter took on her relationship with her pops. Have a great Fathers Day, an excellent weekend, and we will see you next week!

1. Mommyish lets us know what fathers REALLY want for Father's Day!

2. Don't have time to do a whole lot of research? Treehugger has a great slide show that can zip you through tons of great green gift ideas!

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3. Maybe you are into the unique? The Daily Green has a bunch of really interesting Fathers Day gift ideas that will surprise and delight pops.

4. Here's to you pops! MNN has a really cool list of nature's best dads.

5. And finally, BlissTree has a wonderful story about how one daughter took on wine, France and her relationship with her dad.

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