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December 3, 2020
Women are leading the charge for a more modern champagne.
Bordeaux wine country
Credit: iStock/Marie-Pierre Samel
December 8, 2018
Bordeaux's organic and biodynamic renaissance is producing some amazing wines expressing this world-famous terroir.
France Seeks Cultural Protection for Baguettes
January 17, 2018
France's symbolic baguette is more than a loaf of crusty bread -- it's a cultural treasure and one deserving of…
9 Bubbly Truths I Learned About Champagne in Champagne (While Living in France)
December 28, 2017
Is champagne really that different from sparkling wine? Discover why the bubbly wines from Champagne, France are truly special on…
No More Unlimited Soda Refills in France as Nation Battles Obesity
February 1, 2017
Looking for wine and cheese in France? No problem. But you won't be finding any unlimited soda refills after the…
France to Test Video Cameras in Slaughterhouses After Undercover Videos Reveal Rampant Abuse
January 17, 2017
French Parliament voted largely in favor of adding video cameras to slaughterhouses after undercover investigations revealed abuse.
Plastic Waste Gets a Big Push 'Au Revoir' from the French
September 28, 2016
Getting takeout in France? You won't be contributing to (as much) plastic waste, as the country has banned single-use plastic…
France Launches First Criminal Investigation Over Pesticide-Related Death of Grape Grower
July 10, 2015
French authorities are investigating a pesticide-related death and whether or not the pesticide companies and the government were criminally negligent.
France Bans Monsanto's Roundup
June 16, 2015
After the United Nations report that the herbicide glyphosate is linked to cancer, France has decided to ban Monsanto's Roundup.
July 30, 2014
What is the future of French food? New regulation has French restaurants forced to mark whether their dishes are made…