From Our Friends: Future Edition! (April 15, 2011)


This week's From Our Friends is a pretty good indication that we are living in the future, folks. Between heroes searching for stranded animals in radiation, apps that count calories based on pictures alone, and scientists creating schizophrenic brain cells, you are certainly in for a fascinating treat today. Enjoy the articles from our friends around the web, and have a great weekend!

1. The Huffington Post put up an incredible article on how a group of Japanese people risked radiation to save stranded dogs. This will tug at your heart strings, for sure.

2. The homeless are big recyclers, according to Greenopolis.

From the Organic Authority Files

3. There is a fantastic post on Mother Nature Network about how scientists created schizophrenic brain cells in a lab!

4. For our friends that are trying to watch what they eat, there is a pretty cool new app that counts calories through pictures of your food! Find all the info at Discovery News.

5. BlissTree has a post on 8 ingredients to NEVER put in your smoothies!

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