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From Our Friends: January 25, 2013

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Welcome to this week's installment of From Our Friends, our weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts from the past week and more from our friends and partners around the web. This week's edition includes articles on natural joint pain relief, alternative to synthetic candles, healthier Superbowl Sunday recipes, the purification power of house plants, cinnamon's many uses and futuristic fashion! Enjoy these, and have a wonderful weekend!

1. Is joint pain driving a wedge between you and your workouts? Experience Life discusses natural ways to help relieve joint pain as well as some fitness fixes for the pesky problem. 

2. Burning candles brings a comforting, warm aroma to a space, especially during the winter months. Unfortunately, lead wicks, soot and synthetic fragrances make candles questionable sources of scents. However, nature offers many options that will leave your home smelling delightful! Read more about natural ways to freshen your space on MightyNest.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching! We all know that the typical game-day fare can be full of unhealthy options. Lighten up your Super Bowl menu with a few great twists on traditional recipes like greek nachos and sweet potato skins from Blisstree

4. Did you know that according to EPA estimates, indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than the air outside of your home? A simple way to help purify indoor air is the addition of houseplants! Head over to YogiTimes to read more about the purification power of plants.

5. Seasonal sniffles got you down? Try using cinnamon to clear your sinuses, get rid of that cough or even reduce fever. Check out The Organic Whey for more spicy cinnamon tips and tricks!

6. Technology and fashion are coming together to create unique pieces that serve a much bigger purpose than simply keeping the wearers looking fabulous. From rain boots that charge your cell phone to dresses that double as air-quality detectors, is there anything that isn't possible? Read more about these futuristic fashions on EcoSalon.

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