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From Our Friends: March 23, 2012

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Welcome back to another great installment of From Our Friends, our weekly roundup of great content from our friends and partners around the web. This week's post has awesome articles on BPA-free food storage containers, a great ab workout, the happiest and healthiest cities in the US, how to buy healthy chocolate, and an avocado and crabmeat mimosa recipe perfect for fans of Mad Men. Enjoy these, OA readers, and have a wonderful weekend!

1. Cooked a huge meal and don't want to store your leftovers in nasty plastic Tupperware? Have no fear! MightyNest has a great guide to buying BPA-free food storage containers that are sustainable and last a lifetime.

2. A workout for a strong, great-looking core that involves more than just your abdominal muscles. Get all the info about abs, defined at Experience Life!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. EcoSalon has posted an article on the ten best cities in America for health and happiness... do you live in one of them?

4. The hit show Mad Men is finally returning to television; are you a fan? Then you're really going to want to check out Blisstree's recipe for Avocado and Crabmeat Mimosas, straight from the Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook.

5. If you love chocolate, you should definitely click through to The Organic Whey's article on 5 tips to buying healthy chocolate. 

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