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From Our Friends: October 14, 2011

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October is in full swing! Fall is on its way and Halloween plans are getting made. This week's From Our Friends includes articles on Halloween makeup, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ditching big oil, a great app from Experience Life, and more! Grab your freshly made organic pumpkin spice latte and enjoy some of our favorite articles from the past week!

1. Ready for your daily dose of health and happiness? Experience Life has introduced their "101 Ways" mobile app for the iPad and iPhone. It's a daily dose of health and happiness, delivered in an enticing, interactive package that appeals to all kinds: men and women, young and old, health-motivated and health-seeking.

2. Halloween is on it's way! Ditch the face paints full of scary metals and check out the alternative solutions MightyNest has to offer!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. In continuance with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Blisstree has an inspiring interview with a breast cancer survivor that you need to read.

4. "It's time to ditch big oil," says Alternet. "We Can Create Jobs While Protecting Public Health and the Environment."

5. EcoSalon is reporting that Forever 21 has stolen designs from sustainable label, Feral Childe.

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