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From Our Friends: October 21, 2011


Each week we come across so many great articles from our friends around the web that we think you would totally enjoy. Luckily for you, we post our favorites on Fridays and call it "From Our Friends." Whether you are new to our weekly roundup, or a longtime fan, this week's articles are sure to leave you informed and entertained. This installment includes posts on saturated fat myths, head lice, crop diversity, California legislature and some disturbing facts about your local public restroom. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

1. Dornith Doherty’s documentary images of seed-saving facilities capture the logistics—and existential anxiety—behind the elaborate steps now in place to preserve the world’s crop diversity. Check out some of these amazing photos on Wired.

2. According to Experience Life, new research has weakened the perceived link between saturated fat and heart disease. Today, many experts agree that refined carbs pose a much greater danger.

From the Organic Authority Files

3. Head lice. Two words that send shivers up the spines of every parent. Fortunately, MightyNest has you covered with a non-toxic and natural head lice treatment!

4. Public restrooms may be more disgusting than we thought. If you have a strong stomach, skip to Blisstree for the gory details.

5. Alternet is reporting that California's Governor Jerry Brown has just signed a law that may prevent the slaughter of millions of one of the most important species.

image: Tat Jansen

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