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From Our Friends: October 7, 2011


As someone who is deeply involved in the world of technology, as well as someone who has owned an Apple computer since the early 90s, the news of Steve Jobs passing this week brought up a lot of feelings, mainly about mortality, life and the incredible ways we as a human race are able to communicate with each other. That said, the articles in this week's From Our Friends reflect some of those emotions, including posts about meditation, cancer, happiness, sustainability and, of course, a wonderfully innovative tribute to the man himself.

1. Experience Life shares some of the big ideas mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn shared in his book about bringing meditation down to earth.

2. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and MightyNest has posted a great article about the environmental causes of breast cancer.

From the Organic Authority Files

3. One Tokyo runner paid quite an amazing tribute to Steve Jobs the best way he could. Check out the amazing image on BlissTree.

4. When are you happiest? Rodale thinks you should ask Twitter.

5. EcoMom takes you behind the scenes of The Project Green Challenge as they try to turn teens green.

image: Kotaku

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