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From Our Friends: September 14, 2012

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Happy Friday, readers! You know what time it is: Another installment of From Our Friends, our weekly roundup of the best articles and posts from our friends and partners around the web! This week is a grab bag of great posts on creating healthier meals in schools, getting more energy during the day from yoga instead of caffeine, why the pink slime makers are trying to sue for defamation of pink slime, Leslie Oschmann's awesome up-cycling art, stainless steel containers, and the beautiful American northeast during Autumn. Enjoy these and we'll see you Monday!

1. Listen in as renegade lunch lady Ann Cooper speaks on creating healthier meals in schools on Experience Life.

2. Looking for more energy during your day? Put down the caffeine and sugar and give yoga a try. By using simple yoga techniques, you can increase your circulation and invigorate yourself—without the calories of a 3 o’clock trip to the candy machine. Read all about them at The Organic Whey blog.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Here's one that will shock you: Beef Products Inc, the maker of pink slime, is ridiculously suing ABC for defaming pink slime. Blisstree has the scoop.

4. Some deem fashion a form of art in itself, but fashion and art blend in the most seamless way when it comes to Leslie Oschmann’s Swarm handbags. She uses vintage oil paintings to create exquisite and colorful bag designs that are full of personality and bits of nostalgia, offering unique arm candy that is given another chance to prove its worth and beauty. See it all at EcoSalon!

5. Ditch the plastic containers and replace them with some great durable and functional stainless steel ones. Find out why at MightyNest.

6. As far as the United States is concerned, there are few things as naturally beautiful as the northeast during Autumn. Check out these gorgeous pictures on Environmental Graffiti.

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Image: Lake Placid Region

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