Get Some Foodie Love with the Lux & Eco Gourmet Giveaway (a $605+ Value!)

Lux & Eco has got a great giveaway for our readers.

You’ve heard the saying “kiss the chef.” Well, if you win this gift bundle from Lux & Eco Gourmet, everyone you cook for will be feeling the foodie love, and will most likely want to plant a smooch on your cheek after the meal.

This bundle is perfect for any at-home cook who loves to use unique organic ingredients in meals. The total Organic Gourmet Gift Bundle from Lux & Eco Gourmet is valued at $605.68.

Lux & Eco Gourmet sells top-of-the-line cookware, bakeware, and organic beverages, seasonings, and snacks. All of the brand’s delectable items are beautifully packaged and a joy to use.

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Read on to learn more about all the items that are part of this giveaway.

Lux & Eco, casserole

Cookware: Casserole

This non-stick covered casserole will make preparing all your favorite meals a breeze. Ideal for cooking meat (but can perfectly cook anything you toss in it). The Covered Casserole also features a patented, 100-percent ecological production process. This state-of-the-art process allows the natural oxidation of aluminum without the use of chemical substances. The layer created by this process makes this product 5x stronger than stainless steel. This pan also features a Bekadur Ceramica non-stick ceramic coating. This coating doesn’t harm the environment or your health (it’s PFOA- and PTFE-free).

Value: $104.95

Lux & Eco, frying pan

Cookware: Frying Pan

This beautiful and functional Chef Ecologic frypan features a non-toxic Bekadur Ceramica nonstick coating. This pan also was made using the patented, 100-percent ecological production process that allows for natural oxidation of aluminum. This pan is perfect for preparing red meat, too.

Value: $79.95

Lux & Eco, saucepan

Cookware: Sauce Pan

If you love making sauces (and what cook doesn’t?), you’ll love this sauce pan. This pan also features the same non-stick coating (that is friendly for the environment and your health — it’s PFOA- and PTFE-free) as the above pan. It also features the same ecological production process.

Value: $89.95

Lux & Eco, salt

Gourmet Salt

Anyone who’s ever tried gourmet salt knows how amazing it can be. Have fun taste-testing this beautiful, colorful assortment. The Gourmet Salt Collection includes 11 of the best tasting, hard-to-find salts in the world. These multi-pack samplers of salts are a great way to spice up your next meal, and are convenient to use and store. The salt also comes with reference cards that have detailed descriptions and suggestions on which salts go with which dishes. Check out all the different flavors you can play with at the above “Gourmet Salt” link.

Value: $69.95

Lux & Eco, honey
Credit: Amazon


If you love eating honey that’s infused with other flavors, you’ll really dig on Lux & Eco Gourmet’s Organic Thyme Honey. This honey is a product of organic farming (we can get behind that) and is part of a limited production line from Greece.

Value: $40.00

olive oil

Olive Oil

This 500ml jar of organic olive oil was formulated from handpicked sustainably-grown organic olives. This olive oil (of the Koroneiki variety) is produced with cold extraction at low temperatures under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used during every stage of production. Its flavor is fruity and it has a beautiful color.

Value: $40.00

Lux & Eco, cutting board

Cutting Board

This gorgeous cutting board comes from Architec and will serve all your chopping and slicing needs. It’s a large hardwood board that has rubber feet to prevent slippage. (We also love its natural wood look.)

Value: $32.99

Lux & Eco, plates

Party Plates 10″

These plates are attractive and functional — they’ll look great atop your table come those early spring meals. Each plate is unique. Every plate is made from fallen palm leaves — no trees are cut or harmed for production (and no chemicals or binders are used — just steam, water, and fallen leaves).

Value: $21.00 (25 count)

Lux & Eco, spoons

Cooking Spoons

Friends will envy this dishwasher-safe bamboo spoon set. Each spoon is covered and is a different shape. (Shapes include: crescent, spade, side spade, and scraper.) Formaldehyde-free and dishwasher safe.

Value: $10.99

Lux & Eco, coconut water

Jax Coco Water

If you avoid coconut water because you think most of it is filled with sugar and additives, worry not–you won’t run into those problems with this product. Jax Coco Water is 100-percent pure, microfiltered, and it has no BPA or phthalates. (And FYI: The water’s bottle was created by Alasdhair Willis (w. Stella McCartney).)

Value: $18.00

Jax Coco Oil

If you like cooking with coconut oil, you’ll love using this premium, 100-percent pure organic extra virgin centrifuged coconut oil from the Philippines. It’s gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and raw. Certified organic and Fair Trade.

Value: $19.00

Lux & Eco, chocolate


Gift yourself with chocolate! This gift set contains four small-batch organic chocolate bars.

Here are the bars’ flavor profiles:

– 71-percent dark chocolate with sea salt.
– Coconut milk (60 percent cacao)
– Vanilla rooibos (67 percent cacao)
– Porter (67 percent cacao)

Value: $29.95

LUX & ECO Tote

This tote is truly a cut above the rest — it’s well constructed and features cane handles. This bag is durable, easy to pack, and versatile — you could easily use it at formal or casual events.

Value: $30.00

Lux & Eco, tea

Organic Tea

If you live for your morning and afternoon cup of tea, you’ll enjoy adding this Tropical Green Tea to your daily sipping routine. This organic Sencha tea has a natural cherry flavor and features hints of safflower. Isn’t it nice when things taste good and are good for you?

Value: $18.95

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