Hershey is Putting its Money on Nutritious Snacks

SoFit is Hershey's answer to nutritious snacks.

Hershey is known for selling chocolate candy bars. You know the ones that made your 9-year-old mouth water and eyes twinkle when you caught a glimpse of a Hershey’s chocolate bar in your Halloween candy bag. Now, though, you may associate the brand with its fat and sugar content in diluted, mass-produced chocolate-ish products. Well, Hershey wants to change your perception about its products with a line of nutritious snacks.

According to Business Insider, Hershey wants to expand its snack business in 2016 and is “revving up for its regional launch of the SoFit brand,” a brand that’s being marketed as healthy. The expansion will include various protein squeezes, snack squares, nut and seed packs, and snack bars. If you want to try the SoFit brand now, though, you can get a hefty-sized sample pack on Amazon.

“The new line joins the company’s recently launched Brookside fruit-and-nut bar line (part of the Brookside chocolate brand) and jerky maker Krave (which Hershey acquired last year) in the company’s new and swiftly growing snack division,” Business Insider reports.

The company decided to make these healthy snacks because “consumers’ relationship with food is changing,” Marcel Nahm, vice president of Hershey’s snack division, says. “Consumers are more than ever interested in knowing what they put into their body, where does it come from, how does it get there … Consumers want more and more choices.”

Business Insider reports that Hershey thinks it has a leg up on its competition because of its history creating delicious, gooey snacks. It’s that experience that makes Hershey confident that it can create healthy snacks that taste good, and won’t “taste like cardboard.” The company also has experience and “resources to market new products, collect and analyze consumer data, and strike deals with retailers.”

Hershey says its new brand will help it standout on its own as a snack that falls between something that’s considered “health master” and “family pleaser,” Business Insider reports.

It’s great that Hershey is branching out, particularly into healthier snacks, but we won’t consider it a true healthy snack line until we can get a good look at its new products’ ingredients.

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