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Hey, Whole Foods Market, Thanks for the Tattoo?

Hey, Whole Foods Market, Thanks for the Tattoo?

What’s obnoxiously overpriced yet stocked with so much of the good stuff you can’t even fathom living without it, and covered in tattoos? No, it’s not tickets to a Maroon 5 concert—it’s Whole Foods Market?

Yes, the latest in the foodie rumor mill is that Whole Foods may soon be adding tattoo parlors to its spinoff 365 chain of stores.

The 365 stores, lower-priced smaller stores than the traditional “Whole Paycheck,” are slated to start opening later this year, and they’ll reportedly host vendors on site under the “Friends of 365” label, which could include tattoo parlors.

The new locations will help Whole Foods "reach more communities than we would be able to with our mother ship," Whole Foods Market Inc. Co-Chief Executive Officer Walter Robb said during an interview on Bloomberg TV.

365 stores are targeting the growing millennial market segment—younger shoppers who want to buy healthier food and products, but who perhaps don’t have the budget to shop at Whole Foods Market on the reg. And what attracts millennial hipsters like tattoos?

But if tattooing isn’t on your grocery list for the week, Whole Foods is betting you might also look to boost up your record collection with onsite record stores. Or how about a facial? Both are possible options for the forthcoming 365 stores.

"There’s a number of smaller-store competitors out there that are doing a nice job," he said. "We don’t see any reason why we can’t go participate in that part of the market as well with our 365 by Whole Foods offer -- it’s going to be unique."

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From the Organic Authority Files

Robb is likely referring to Trader Joe’s and Sprouts, two mainstream competitors that offer a wide variety of top-selling organic and natural food products at competitive prices. Even big box stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and Costco are edging in on Whole Foods lead as the go-to market for healthy options.

The first 365 by Whole Foods Market is set to open in Silver Lake, an east-side Los Angeles neighborhood, later this year.

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