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Jacques Torres Launches iPhone App for Chocoholics


There's Chocolate and then there's Jacques Torres. The chocolate maker and former pastry chef of Le Cirque has just announced the launch of, yes, an iPhone app, aptly named MrChocolate. No, it's not edible (yet), but it will help you make chocolates just like the Master himself.

Torres' free MrChocolate app helps budding chocolatiers familiarize themselves with his process by allowing backstage access to Torres' chocolate factory along with a glossary on all things chocolate, an animated history of chocolate video, photos from Torres' New York City chocolate boutique, direct access to his Twitter and Facebook pages and links to the Mr. Chocolate online stores.

A reasonable upgrade ($3.99) gets you access to expert tips from Torres as he demonstrates five chocolate making techniques filmed at the French Culinary Institute, and additional recipes and techniques taught by the master chocolate maker and pastry chef in videos and step-by-step photos and directions that you can access from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Chocoholics, especially those in New York, are likely familiar with Torres, who over the past ten years has been delighting taste buds with his innovative luxury brand of chocolate products. The youngest Meilleur Ouvrier de France ("best artisan in France") in history, Torres was Executive Pastry Chef at Le Cirque for eleven years before creating his world-renowned chocolate company, Jacques Torres Chocolate. Torres specializes in hand-making fresh chocolates that are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients.

In 1993, Chef Torres joined the faculty at the French Culinary Institute as Dean of Pastry Arts. He has authored two dessert books and is host of the Food Network TV show Chocolate with Jacques Torres.

Chocolate products, especially when made without artificial ingredients and containing at least 70 percent cacao solids, have been shown to produce significant health benefits including reduced risk of heart disease, and mood boosting benefits similar to feeling in love.

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