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Kristen Bell Cleans Up Beach Before Some Surfside Yoga

As if we could love her more.

The likable and relatable Kristen Bell strikes again with another good deed. The "Good Place" star shared on Instagram that she spent a recent Sunday doing a beach clean-up before she participated in some seaside yoga with her family. 

"Did an awesome beach clean up on Sunday with @wavehuggers - made art out of the micro plastics we found, and then did family yoga," she captioned a post on Instagram.

Founded by Helina Beck, Wavehuggers is an "ocean conscious surf school" that combines the passion of surfing with the passion of protecting the ocean. 

"We hope that as you improve your surfing with us, you will also be inspired to live more sustainably and join us in protecting our ocean," she writes on the organization's website. 

Bell joined Beck along with her husband, Dax Shepard, and their two daughters. After surfing and cleaning up the beach, Bell's family used the plastic they collected to create some art before wrapping up the day with some beach yoga. 

Bell has always been a proponent of a conscious and healthy lifestyle. A long-time vegetarian, the "Bad Moms" star shops sustainably as much as possible and is involved with the philanthropic snack company This Bar Saves Lives, which sells all-natural, non-GMO snack bars. For every bar you buy, the company donates a life-saving nutritional packet to a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

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From the Organic Authority Files

On finding a cause to fight for, she told The Thirty last year, "Don’t ever let anyone discourage you about what speaks to your heart. Because everyone’s heart is different. If you are tugged on your heartstrings by animal causes, do it. Everyone’s different, and everybody has a passion, and whatever your passion is—if it’s the environment, if it’s saving the tigers, whatever—[do it]."

After all, studies have shown that people who volunteer for a cause are, in fact, happier than those who don’t.

Yoga has also been a long-time favorite pastime for the star. She told Shape magazine in 2017 that she enjoys "the physical and mental reset I get in yoga more than any other workout. Being in a meditative state while I'm challenging my body is ideal. I like the fact that you set an intention because there's always something that I'm working through in a day, and it helps me do that."

In addition to the physical benefits, studies have shown that the mind-body connection of yoga creates a sense of self-awareness and state of relaxation like no other workout or activity.

Combine that with the challenging and zen-like experience of surfing, along with doing some good for the environment with a beach clean-up, and it sounds like the perfect Sunday to us!

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