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Los Angeles Food Truck Steers Farm Towards Street


Los Angeles traffic is never something to look forward to, so it sure is nice when delicious food comes to you—or at least as near to you as possible. The ever-mobile food truck biz has tasty eats sprinting all over LA these days offering every type of fun fare from burritos, burgers, grilled cheese and veggie dogs to funky Korean tacos and those ubiquitous cupcakes. And now, you can add a new avenue in mobile eats: the "Farm To Street" food truck movement courtesy of Chef Timothy Mark Abell.

Chef Abell's Flatiron truck brings his experience working at Joe's, Wilshire, Water Grill and Hungry Cat's, and a vested interest in offering Angelinos gourmet seasonal and local fare. Being that this is California, he's got a cornucopia of fresh fruits and veggies available year round to choose from, but he still changes the menu daily according to what's popping off the farms that week. Abell has a few menu staple dishes too, like the Farmer's Market Salad and the Flatiron steak and potatoes.

Comparable to other foodie truck prices, you can spend as little as $3 at the Flatiron Truck all the way up to $12. Abell works as closely with farmers as he can in order to keep costs down and guarantee freshness and quality, and he's even included wild game, like boar bacon, on the menu.

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From the Organic Authority Files

One of the popular internet lifelines for restaurants, chefs and food trucks these days, you can track the location of Flatiron on Twitter to see when they're going to be in your neck of the woods.

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Photo: Flatiron Truck

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