More Whole Foods Market Discounts Coming to Amazon Prime Members

More Whole Foods Market Discounts Coming to Amazon Prime Members


Amazon Prime members may be griping about the price hike going into effect for membership this year, but it may come with a perk: namely a 10 percent discount on qualifying Whole Foods Market items.

Prime members who download the Whole Foods mobile app and sign in with their Amazon account can scan their app code at checkout for extra savings. The program is currently only on offer in Florida, but the chain has plans to roll it out nationally in the next few months.

"Prime has long been a pillar of Amazon’s business, and Whole Foods is poised to become one," notes Quartz. "In the first quarter of 2018, Amazon reported $3.1 billion in revenue from subscription services, a category that includes Prime, and $4.3 billion in revenue from physical stores, which includes sales at Whole Foods. During that quarter, Amazon further integrated the two services, rolling out two-hour grocery delivery from Whole Foods through Prime Now in 10 metro areas."

The move also could help the health food retailer shake off its "Whole Paycheck" moniker -- a nod to its expensive products that can cost customers their whole week's earnings in just one trip to the market.

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Whole Foods attempted to position itself as affordable as competitors like Trader Joe's with its private label 365 brand of products and its spin-off stores, 365 By Whole Foods Market, that focuses predominantly on the private label brand.

After the Amazon acquisition, a growing number of 365 items began appearing on Amazon's marketplace, and it's same-day two-hour delivery on select Whole Foods items also positioned the retailer as both affordable and convenient.

"Whole Foods spent years unsuccessfully trying to shake its 'Whole Paycheck' nickname," Quartz notes. But since the Amazon purchase, the online retail giant "has done what Whole Foods by itself never could, slashing prices on popular items like organic avocados and rotisserie chicken and offering steep discounts on whole organic turkeys at Thanksgiving (the deepest price cuts went to Prime members). Amazon’s Prime-branded Visa credit card unlocks even more savings, with 5% cash back on purchases at Whole Foods (and Amazon.com) for Prime members."

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