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New Credit Cards Won't Charge the Environment

My credit card hates me. I hardly use it and when I do, I pay my bills on time. So, my credit card company hates me too.


Now, for you charge-oholics, there’s a new card out there, you can feel a lot better about using. Sorry, it doesn’t have a magical spending limit.

It’s biodegradable.

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From the Organic Authority Files

This Discover card is made from biodegradable PVC. Meaning, after it spends 5 months in water, dirt, compost or whatever’s in a landfill, it breaks down 99%, leaving no toxic effects on the environment. However, your credit rating is another story.

Discover encourages people to wait until their current card expires before placing an order.

Biodegradable cards are only 1 of Discover’s green innovations. The company’s also making an effort to convert to paperless billing statements and setup a company-wide recycling program and employee rideshare website.

Via inhabitat.

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