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Organic Banana Farming is Very Profitable in the Philippines

Here's the secret to good business - actually, it's not really a secret - make more money than you spend.


That's why farmers in Mindanao, Philippines are raving about organic banana farming. They're making more money - cha-ching!

Farmers have switched from chemicals to compost to fertilize their crops, doubling their income.

One farmer said the compost improves water retention, keeping the soil moist even when there's no rain in sight.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Plus it helps that the city banned the aerial spraying of fertilizers; health risks prompted the move.

Sure, this is exactly the kind of news you want to here, but you got to wonder if it is profitable on a grand scale - for example, in the United States.

It's entirely possible.

Even though most bananas consumed in the U.S. aren't grown domestically, the government could still provide tax breaks and incentives for U.S. companies growing organic foods abroad.

These cost savings could be used to offset any unforeseen costs. Remember, less expenses mean more profit - cha-ching again!

Image credit: Australia's Coral Coast

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