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Plant-Based Foods Reigned on Delivery Orders in 2018, According to Grubhub

The food delivery marketplace's recent "Year in Food" report identified several defining trends for the year.
Plant-Based Food Trend

Plant-based alternatives made up one of the defining trends of 2018, according to Grubhub’s recently released “Year in Food” report. The nation’s leading food delivery marketplace analyzed millions of orders placed by more than 16 million diners to reach this and other conclusions regarding diners' preferences this year.

Bean burritos were the food item that saw the greatest increase in popularity in 2018, rising 276 percent over 2017. Buffalo cauliflower also grew in popularity, with a 124 percent increase, and vegan brownies were identified as the sixth most popular in the dessert category, rising 211 percent in popularity over last year.

Plant-based foods were not the only healthier options to get more attention from diners. Grain-free alternatives like cauliflower rice bowls grew 155 percent over 2017, and the top ten foods ordered featured no red meat at all.

Some formerly in-demand foods, meanwhile, decreased in popularity, such as avocado toast.

From the Organic Authority Files

“The dish responsible for emptying millennials' bank accounts didn't even make our top foods of 2018,” Grubhub reported in a press release.

Grubhub also analyzed survey responses from nearly 2,000 people to understand their food ordering habits, finding that 43 percent of people order in when they don't feel like cooking, and 30 percent order in to satisfy a craving.

The survey results also showed that 90 percent of respondents in a relationship prefer when their significant other has the same food preferences as they do; 42 percent consider it “a potential relationship breaker” if they don’t. Nearly three-quarters of respondents have argued with their partner over what to order in the past year; 23 percent said they argue about it “frequently.”

The report is based on Grubhub data collected between January and November 2018, as compared to the same period in 2017.

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